Blame in your shoe.
Seat on and keep on hanging.

Waiting on stop on your garden
waiting to stop on your Blues
cause we are long drink too heavy
and Done passing a new
I guess I’m lonely down
waiting for a house to get a howl.

Common fell some I won’t make it a little holly.

With you, baby stall or you crack in
And the boss still keeps it down
That morning napping your shoe
I guess something goes licking the Town
I guess something
I guess something wicked walked the town
yea yea yea
we stop in the city town we stop into the Pelly.

You still keep picking Done
but you said that you don’t love me anymore.

You said you love me, baby
but you just don’t want me around
you said you love me baby jea
but you just don’t want me around
because the way I treat you hearth
stop the bugging around.

Well stop the car on the sight
and Done breaking the stop
Offer me to carry some water
and then driving all the way around
close I’m following the savings around
but you forget me out
you were driving all alone.

So I call you on the phone
and you driving me up
Then I call you one more time
I said baby I’m coming bogging around
I set the car off
You said you coming right back to me
You said you don’t love me anymore
and that you don’t want me around.

You said you love me
but you don’t want me around no more
you said you love me so bad
but you just don’t want me anymore.

well well

And that’s driving me crazy
you girl you driving me crazy
you girl just common speak
out of the sound.

Go back up your car
go buy a new shoe
Golden ring sticking the Blues
we are going out dancing?

Yea moving your body.

Slow me down.

You know it serves me right
to get sometimes off
You know can serve me right
to get something on.
Just got the element here
and I won’t lose any more.

You can string on my string
you can back me down
you can even step on my Bass
but I want to let you be done.

Some keep me calling
some keep me down.

You said you love me but you just don’t want me around.

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