While I was riding through the desert…
when the boy was playing ball,
with no dime in my pockets,
but at least was Rock n Roll.
Give me a shot baby.
And all the way down to Texas,
all the people playing whore,
Am I really feeling it on my skin?
Don’t you come back for more?
Give me some straps, ladies!
I’m losing my mind,
give it up my precious time.
O dear I must be blind,
through all the secrets I found.
I’m losing my mind,
and then all the Clocks Strike!
Give me one more…
Selling one more time,
although I had no time.
And is all just a game,
that might drive you insane…
I’m already.
Now, chaps some dope,
o well, I undressed two-horse…
I want the Bull and the Cow in the Ranch …
The other way is all the same!
Give me one man shot baby …
Selling all my mind, although I had no time.
And is all just a game, but you forgot my name.
Yebe se to me !!!

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