Mapskrew Blues

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[ Mapskrew Blues By Sasha Persholja Music ]

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Persholja - Music Gods

Mapskrew Blues [ Sasha Persholja Lyrics ]


we get wired
although in hearth
all best we wanna ...
But when the ages
passes ...
and the hard Head remains
we do strange things.

and mentally abused !!!
The good thing
seems to be bad
as a bad to be good ...

Can't sleep at night
'cos you cannot,
resolve The Trick !!!

No pre or post ...
just a backlink did.
But don't get
to stamp
your mind ...
Don't get verified
to stamp your mind.


Sasha Persholja

Original Blues and Funky with Rock Jazz Fusion slapping bass stuff arranged by Sasha Persholja the inventor of Fejkavangard.
Persholja - Music Gods


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