Sweat Till Death

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[ Sweat Till Death By Sasha Persholja Music ]

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Persholja - Music Gods

Sweat Till Death [ Sasha Persholja Lyrics ]


Livin' in my hometown

Darkness around ...

Even in my hometown

no musitians in town.

They all left
the place
an instant gold ...

I feel very hurt
with the bullet,
sticking deep in my soul.

Here is really
No one to talkin' to ...

The only friends
are the music
and the moon ...

The reason
why I'm stayin'
is because,
I got to save the Farm ...

Sure I got to
sweat till death
but the Gold won't come ...

Please don't stop
throwing me sticks
under my knees ...

and please, please
look at my back
to make your day upset.

People charge you
for being a frick ...
Even if they
don't know
what is on or what is it ...

What is it ???

Bad luck and trouble .... man

And all I got
Is just sweat till death,

And all I got
Is just sweat till death,

And all I got
Is just sweat till death !!!


Sasha Persholja

Original Blues and Funky with Rock Jazz Fusion slapping bass stuff arranged by Sasha Persholja the inventor of Fejkavangard.
Persholja - Music Gods


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