Venus Ranch Drive

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[ Venus Ranch Drive By Sasha Persholja Music ]

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Persholja - Music Gods

Venus Ranch Drive [ Sasha Persholja Lyrics ]


While I was riding through the desert...
when the boy was playing ball,
with no dime in my pockets,
but at least was Rock n Roll.

Give me a shot baby.
And all the way down to Texas,
all the people playing whore,
Am I really feeling it on my skin?
Don't you come back for more?
Give me some straps, ladies!

I'm losing my mind,
give it up my precious time.

O dear I must be blind,
through all the secrets I found.
I'm losing my mind,
and then all the Clocks Strike!

Give me one more...
Selling one more time,
although I had no time.
And is all just a game,
that might drive you insane...
I'm already.

Now, chaps some dope,
o well, I undressed two-horse...
I want the Bull and the Cow in the Ranch ...
The other way is all the same!
Give me one man shot baby ...
Selling all my mind,
although I had no time.
And is all just a game,
but you forgot my name.

Yebe se to me !!!


Sasha Persholja

Original Blues and Funky with Rock Jazz Fusion slapping bass stuff arranged by Sasha Persholja the inventor of Fejkavangard.
Persholja - Music Gods


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